About Horus

Horus' mission is to accelerate the world's transition to inclusive mobility.

Horus was a project that began in 2020 by a group of engineers who set out to design a functional and resistant knee prosthesis at the lowest possible cost. Today, only 1 out of 10 people with disabilities has an apropriate prosthesis for their daily life. Most of these people live in developing countries and do not have sufficient financial resources to purchase a suitable prosthesis. Horus seeks to change this situation.

Through the use of new manufacturing technologies and after seven prototypes, Horus ended up obtaining the Knee V7. A prosthetic knee that represents a first step on our path to the inclusive mobility. We seek to generate a positive impact on people’s health with a strong focus on the sustainability of our products. We want people to regain their mobility and maintain active lives. Money should not prevent anyone from moving freely. We believe this is not just fair, but the right thing to do.

The Knee V7 is just the beginning. Horus begins operations in 2021 and will focus on the design and manufacturing of affordable mobile assistive devices for the people. This change in the business status quo will accelerate in the long term the arrival of products that will promote increasingly inclusive mobility. That is our wish and the future we want.

 Bouchéstraße 12/Halle 20, 12435 Berlin, Alemania

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